01. What is forex FAQ

Forex FaQ means Frequestly Ask Question of Forex.

02. What is Forex trading?

Forex trading means foreign exchage trading It is also know as FX trading. FX is the world's largest financial market. It’s turn over is over 5 trillion Dollars on every business day. It is based on the trade of the world's currencies and commodities.

03. When does the Forex market open?

Forex Market runs around o clock. It runs almost 24 hours except weekends. The Forex day starts in Sydney and moves around the globe first to Tokyo, then London, then Newyork.

04. Which pairs do you provide signals?

Ironfxsignal provides reliable signal in major currency and commodity pairs.

05. How to receive signals?

To receive our signal you have to follow the following steps.
    1. Get registered/Sign Up
    2. Sign In
    3. Select your package
    4. Make payment
your package will be activated within 24 hours of your payment. You will receive a confirmation mail after the activation of your package.All our signals are sent to the mail and via sms. You may receive the signal from your registered mail or via sms or you can take the signal from the website using your email and login password. It is noted that our exit signals are not updated in our website. They are sent only in mail and via sms.

06. Are signals available via SMS?

Yes, our signals are available via sms, email and updated in the website.

07. Do you provide trade copier?

Yes, We provide Trade copier. To avail trade copier please contact support@ironfxsignal.com

08. How many Packages are available for subscription?

Ironfxsignal has 3 signal pacakges and 2 trade copier pacakges. Besides these pacakges one may also pay for longer period of time constacting with the support center. All the packages are subject to change upon the decision of the authority of Ironfxsignal’s managing committee.

09. How many signals in a day?

We usually provide 2-6 signals per business day covering different sessions around the world.

10. How many pips do you provide in per business day?

The amount of pips or profit depends on market movement. From our experience we may say that we are able to provide around 40-90 pips on per business day. Sometimes on good days we are able to draw profit more than the range.

11. When are signals provided?

Our signals are provided around clock depending on subscribers trading sessions.After purchasing membership an instruction is provided to the subscribers including signal time and details and trading instruction. Our signals covers Asian, European and Us market session.

12. Do you provide live updates of market position?

Yes, we provide live updates of market position to the subscribers.

13. Do you provide any free forex signal?

No. We do not provide any free signals. On special occasion or as part of our promotional compaign our registered member’s signals periods are sometimes increased at free of cost.

14. Do you recommend any particular broker house to trade?

We do not particularly recommend any broker houses. We usually suggest to trade in a reputed trading platform. Our signals are based on MT4 trading platform.so we recommend our members to use MT4 (Meta Trader 4) platform for trading with our system.

15. Will My subscription will automatically be renewed?

No. Your package will not be automatically renewed.For renewal of your package you have to buy your package again. Even you may buy another pacakge after the subscription period is over.

16. Do you suggest any market Lot?

No. We do not usually suggest any market lot. It depends on traders fund. If traders need any special guide they may ask from support center.

17. If I do not receive signal via sms or email. What do i need to do?

While registering, you need to make sure that the email address you enter is correct (Signals can only be sent to the valid email addresses.After successful registration , you will receive a confirmation mail upon entering the correct email address. You should verify your account by clicking on the link in the confirmation email.) In case of incorrect email address, please contact to the support department and sent a mail refering your email address to resolve the issue. Check your spam/junkfolder. Since the confirmation mail contains a link, the email sometimes can be filtered as a spam. If it is in the spam folder, you should select that email and change it to NOT SPAM. In case of sms, Please make sure that your given mobile no is correct and gsm supported. If you still face the problem after reviewing everything, please send mail support@ironfxsignal.com

18. How can I change my Email and Phone Number?

For security reasons, you are not allowed to change your email address and phone number in Ironfxsignal system. Any emails address and phone number must belong to only one user according to our policy. If you really need to change any contact information, please send a request to the support department support@ironfxsignal.com. Your problem will be resolved within 24 hours.

19. Which payment gateways do you support?

We accept PayPal, Money Booker, Perfect Money, Web money, Payza, Neteller, Solid Trust Pay , Ok Pay Ego Pay, Master Card, Visa, Bank Wire. Some payment gateways are automated attached in the webstie, some are manual. In case of making payment with the manual payment gateways or face any problem in making payment, please contact with support department support@ironfxsignal.com

20. What is TR, TP, and SL?

TR means trading range. TP means Take Profit, SL Means Stop Loss

21. Do you provide pending order or market execution?

We provide both market order and pending order.

22. How long do you hold positions for?

We always close our trade on every business day. In case of our pending order or special signal it may take 1 to 2 business days depending on market movement. It can include weekend. But in our daily signal we do not hold any trade. We close all trade on every business day for the flexibility of our subscribers.

23. What is average stop loss on signal?

Stop loss may vary from business to day. But usually it is 40-50Pips. We are always concern about our clients safety and for that reason we provides market updates some time we may give closing signal before the trade hit take profit. The fact is dependent on market movement and strong market news

24. Do you provide any guideline about using your signal?

Yes, we provide guideline on how to trade with our signal. Guidelines are available for our paid up members.

25. How to manage risk in forex trading?

The risks will be high however additionally controllable. Banks, and institutional traders and the are seeking constant potential rewards from their own trading activities. Proper Money management, disciplined trading , talent, and an absence of feeling are traits you may wish to develop in FOREX trading. However bear in mind, FOREX trading is speculative and any capital used ought to be risk capital if you are not strategic and experienced. However, there are many way to avoid high Forex risks, however the first tools utilized by most traders are Take profit, stop loss and limit orders. Using these tools, you'll minimize your risks whereas maximizing your potential for profits.If you take our forex signal, you do not need to think about the facts.

26. I still have more questions?

If you have more questions that are not available in FAQ. Please mail to support@ironfxsignal.com. Our team always appreciates your questions.

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